Lesson Plans Year 9

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Secondary Resource Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Understanding Personal Safety

Year 9    |     60mins

To highlight the 3 areas of personal safety.
To understand that most physical confrontation can be avoided.

Lesson 1

Lesson Plan 2

Personal Safety Concepts
Calling 999

Year 9    |     60mins

Examine & study the use of the 999 call.
Understand when to use the 101 police number.
Understand when to use 55 – Silent Solutions.

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan 3

Don’t You Dare

Year 9    |     60mins

To understand the term intimidation and how it effects personal safety.
Understand & apply ‘Don’t You Dare’ statements.

Lesson 3

Lesson Plan 4

Situational Awareness
Focus Locks

Year 9    |     60mins

To identify the part that ‘focus locks’ play in relation to personal safety.
To study our own routines to see how they compromise our personal safety on a daily basis.

Lesson 4

Lesson Plan 5

Situational Awareness
Inattention Blindness

Year 9    |     60mins

We will study ‘Inattention Blindness’ and how it effects our personal safety.
We will study ‘Normalcy Bias’ and how it also effects our personal safety.

Lesson 5

Lesson Plan 6


Year 9    |     60mins

To highlight the egos negative effect on personal safety.
To understand the male and female egos work in different ways.
To undertake the Year 9 Personal Safety Quiz.

Lesson 6

Lesson Plan 7

Mistaken Identity

Year 9    |     60mins

To learn and understand Defusing Postures.
To apply these Defusing Postures in a ‘real life scenario.

Lesson 7