Lesson Plans Year 8

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Secondary Resource Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Understanding Personal Safety

Year 8    |     60mins

To define the term ‘violent encounter’.
To understand the different types of violent encounter.
To introduce the personal safety toolbox.

Lesson 1

Lesson Plan 2

Personal Saftey Nets
Safety Net

Year 8    |     60mins

Define and understand the term ‘Safety Net’.
For students to start to put together their own personal safety net.
Establish actions that can be implemented against an aggressive dog.

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan 3

What does Fear do to us?

Year 8    |     60mins

The Danger Scale and how we use it as a measure
Our actions and how they move us up and down our Danger Scale
We challenged the concept of what a ‘Bad Guy’ looks like
Understand that ‘a mum with children’ is the safest person to ask help from

Lesson 3

Lesson Plan 4

Situational Awareness
Alert Conditions

Year 8    |     60mins

To study & apply the ‘alert conditions’ to personal safety.
Understand situational awareness in a ‘picture concept’.

Lesson 4

Lesson Plan 5

Situational Awareness

Year 8    |     60mins

To understand the concept of ‘Ego’.
To appreciate that ego may compromise our personal safety.
To understand our ‘Internal Security System’.

Lesson 5

Lesson Plan 6


Year 8    |     60mins

To analyse how ‘manners’ compromise our personal safety.
To understand that we can defuse a situation by being situationally aware.
To undertake the Year 8 Personal Safety Quiz.

Lesson 6

Lesson Plan 7

A Dog Attack

Year 8    |     60mins

To learn and  understand Defusing Postures.
To apply these Defusing Postures in a ‘real life scenario.

Lesson 7