Lesson Plans Year 10

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Secondary Resource Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Year 10    |     60mins

To examine Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it applies to personal safety.
To study the consequences of a violent encounter, both mentally and physically.

Lesson 1

Lesson Plan 2

Personal Safety Concepts
The Bad Guy

Year 10    |     60mins

To understand & apply the Bad Guy 3% rule.
To appreciate that the Bad Guy may be present in all of us.
To study that the Bad Guy ‘fights’ different people in the system.

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan 3

The Triangle of Safety

Year 10    |     60mins

To understand that FEAR needs to be controlled.
To learn and apply the ‘Triangle of Safety’.

Lesson 3

Lesson Plan 4

Situational Awareness
Baseline Scanning

Year 10    |     60mins

To understand the term ‘Baseline Scanning’.
To identify the obstacles to being effective in baseline scanning.

Lesson 4

Lesson Plan 5

Situational Awareness
360 degree Scanning

Year 10    |     60mins

To understand & appreciate a violent encounter can happen to you.
To learn & implement the 360 degree scan.
To study a range of pre-contact cues prior to a physical attack

Lesson 5

Lesson Plan 6

Clever Ways to Defuse

Year 10    |     60mins

To gain the awareness of when your defusing skills are not working.
To appreciate & apply clever ways of defusing a volatile situation.
To undertake the Year 10 safety Quiz

Lesson 6

Lesson Plan 7

The Danger Scale
Phone Theft

Year 10    |     60mins

To learn and  understand Defusing Postures.
To apply these Defusing Postures in a ‘real life scenario.

Lesson 7