If you have already attended the Physical Training Day you can click below to access the Streetwise365 Physical videos by clicking below.



The base STREETWISE365 resource is non-physical and is based on awareness, understanding and de-escalation. For schools to unlock the physical section of the resource cube it requires 1 or 2 members of staff to attend an accredited training day. Here you will be taught simple but highly effective techniques that utilise the body’s strongest frame and natural movement. This will enable teachers to teach small groups of students in their own school settings. The training day will be structured as follows:


Physical Training Day

AM Session
Best Practice
AM/PM Session
Physical: Accredited Training

PM Session
New Developments

During this training day you will be able to mix and network with like-minded individuals from various educational establishments.

We would suggest that your Year Heads attend this course as it will allow these teachers to work with small groups of students within the school setting.