Primary Resource Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Understanding Personal Safety

Year 6    |    40mins

To understand:

The definition of personal safety.
Actions that will move a person to safety.
Safe people to ask to help.
Items a resource Bad Guy may try and ‘take’ from others.

Lesson 1

Lesson Plan 2

Personal Safety Concepts:
Being the 1st Responder & Courageous Bystander

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

That young people can be 1st responders in a difficult situation.
How to act like a ‘courageous bystander’ if they see someone who needs help.

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan 3

Fear & Emoticons

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

That it OK to be scared.
How to ‘wear’ fear in real life.
The 3 staged approach we must follow to manage fear.

Lesson 3

Lesson Plan 4

Detect & Focus Locks

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

That ‘Focus Locks’ stop us from taking in danger in our surroundings.
Detecting personal safety dangers uses the same skills needed for riding a bike.

Lesson 4

Lesson Plan 5

The Ego
Being Prepared

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

What is EGO
How the voice of Sid (EGO) drives good and less desirable actions.
The types of poor actions that a ‘BIG’ EGO can drive and the consequences of these.

Lesson 5

Lesson Plan 6

Being Asked to Go!

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

We talk to strangers each and every day.
The most important thing is ‘being asked to go somewhere’.
That Bad Guys can be clever when trying to get children to go with them.

Lesson 6

Lesson Plan 7

Stranger Approach

Year 6    |     40mins

To understand:

How to take actions that move us to safety.

Lesson 7