Primary Resource Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1

Understanding Personal Safety

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
What ‘safe’ means and who is responsible for a student’s safety.
The definition of personal safety.
That the ability to make safe choices is a life skill.

Lesson 1

Lesson Plan 2

Personal Safety Concepts:
999 Calls

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
That 999 as an emergency number.
When a call should be made to the emergency services.
How to access and use home and mobile phones.
The words and scripts used by emergency operators.

Lesson 2

Lesson Plan 3

Fear & Emotions

Year 3    |     40mins

The effect that FEAR has on our bodies.
That it’s OK to feel scared and fearful.
We must use FEAR to drive action.

Lesson 3

Lesson Plan 4

Clever Never Goes

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
The Clever Never Goes Rule and say what it means in their own words.
How to apply the Clever Never Goes rule.

Lesson 4

Lesson Plan 5

Clever Never Goes

Recap and Progression

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
When someone is trying to get them to go with them and what the safest response is.

Lesson 5

Lesson Plan 6

Body Language & Manners

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
How the Danger Scale works.
Actions that move students up the Danger Scale.
Safe people to ask for help.
The importance of remembering grown-up’s mobile phone numbers

Lesson 6

Lesson Plan 7

Please help me find my dog

Year 3    |     40mins

To understand:
How to take actions that move us to safety.

Lesson 7