Welcome to STREETWISE365 Primary School Resource Cube.

Welcome and thank you for becoming part of the STREETWISE365 team. We come together in an initiative that is designed to make children and young people safer. The resource includes everything you will need to deliver a holistic programme of personal safety to your students.

STREETWISE365 allows students to challenge their egos, manage their fears and when they do this effectively it leads to quality decision making. As competence, awareness and understanding grow so does a child’s self-confidence. When we add all this together we build resilience and what we know about resilience is that it is a key skill in a young people’s development and underpins their ability to learn across all subject areas.

In this introductory section we have laid out the philosophy that is driving STREETWISE365 and some ‘suggestions and tips’ on how to best integrate this resource into your school.

By delivering and/or co-ordinating STREETWISE365 you will become more knowledgeable in relation to our own personal safety; personally, for your family and the ones that you love. This is a unique and positive consequence of the programme as a whole.

The introductory message is laid out below in both video and written format.

Introduction Video from Andrew Privett, Founder and CEO.

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The Resource Cube

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Help & Support

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